March 2019

Balance and Control are incredibly important for dancers! Not only in regards to safety but also in regards to maneuvering through routines seamlessly. Try this exercise to help test your balance and control. Start standing on a half-disc with your foot centered. Slowly raise the working leg into an arabesque position with arms in 2nd. Next, bring your working leg into a turned out retire position and arms into 1st then slowly extend your leg out to the front. Slowly reverse this combo and then repeat. Make sure

Your first question might be, what in the world does proprioceptive mean? Without getting too scientific on you, proprioception basically means "the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body." The more we challenge our proprioception the better we will get at balance and stability which will help avoid injuries in the future. In this post, I've featured 3 Upper Body exercises that challenge your entire body by adding in a proprioceptive element. All while using very minimal equipment. Tricep Extension on a Bosu Ball- Start

Core Strength | Hip and Lower Back Stabilization It's no surprise that having a strong core is important in dance but many of us forget about hip and lower back stabilization. Which is crucial when it comes to protecting our dancers bodies when moving through different planes of motion. To help with this issue, try this exercise using a foam roller. Lay back on the roller, centering your body and places hands wide to the side for support. The less you use your hands the better. Lift knees

Low Lunge is a great pose to stretch out tight quadriceps, hamstrings, groin, and hips, and encourages a full range of motion in the lower body. Which makes this pose the perfect stretch for athletes, gym goers, or even those who sit at desks all day. Below we will go over a few tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your low lunge stretch. Once in the low lunge position, shift your weight so that your knee is stacked over the ankle and hips are pushing forward. Then

Proper technique in pirouettes is crucial to getting the maximum rotations every time. Try this exercise to help!⁣⁣->With one hand's support on the bar, start in retire position with your right leg.->Holding this position, Lift up through relevé⁣ in your supporting foot.->As you gain control of your balance, slowly release the bar while maintaining proper form⁣. Try to balance here in retire on relevé for as long as possible. ⁣**If you start to lose your balance, use the bar for support and try again! With time and practice,