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Proprioceptive Full Body Exercises

Post date: May 7th, 2018

Looking for a full body exercise that will challenge your proprioception? Aka challenge your balance.

Try using a Bosu Half disc with these 2 exercises.

  • Squat to over head press-  Standing on the bosu disc with feet hip to shoulder width apart and Kettlebell in hand. Sit into a squat position then return to standing while lifting the KB overhead until arms are fully extended. Lower KB to chest and repeat.
  • Squat to lateral arm raise: Standing on the bosu disc with feet hip to shoulder width apart and dumbbells in hand. Sit into a squat position then return to standing while lifting the arms laterally to a T position. Lower your arms down to your side while standing then repeat.
  • Curl to Overhead press: Standing on the bosu disc with dumbbells in hand. Perform a bicep curl then externally rotate to perform an overhead press. Reverse this motion to return to your starting point and then repeat.

Innovative core exercises

Post date: April 24th, 2018

Ever get bored with your exercise routines?? Try these core exercises to spice it up a bit!

  •  Side 2 side leg lifts on Bosu- Position yourself sitting in the center of the bosu ball and place an object on the floor in front of you. Starting with you feet one side of the object, lift your legs in a piked position over the object and gently lower on the other side. Repeat:)
  • Single arm mountain climbers with sliders- Using sliders(or socks) under your feet, start in a single arm plank position. Then slowly slide one knee into your chest and continue to alternate. If this is too difficult, try starting with 2 arms and work up to single arm.

Grow your glutes for summer!

Post date: March 7th, 2018

Start through finish positions!

Theres no denying that we all want an "itty bitty waist and a big round thing in their face", but getting there doesn't have to require big equipment! Try these 3 exercises that can easily be done at home with little equipment needed.

  • Glute kick w/cable- Using either a cable machine or door lock cables as I have in this photo, place your working foot inside the cable band and use wall for support. Starting a flexed knee position then kicking foot back and up until knee is straight and glutes are engaged. Be sure to keep your upper body lifted and then repeat.
  • Supine hip raises on bench- Start in a supine(chest facing up) with upper back on a bench and weighted bar resting on your hip crease. Slowly lift hips from the floor into a bridge position then lower back down. Repeat!
  • Side lunge w/ cable- Start in a standing position with cable band around outside ankle. Laterally lift outside leg wider than shoulder width and control into a side lunge. Making sure ankle, knee, and hip are stacked. Then return to starting position using controlled movement. Repeat and feel the gluteus medius burn:)!

Partner Core Exercises

Post date: December 1st, 2017

Abs With Friends! Got a case of the “don’t wants” this Holiday Season?!? Grab a friend (and a glass of wine if you choose) and try these fun partner ab exercises! There is no need for equipment and you can do them anywhere. Now that’s my kind of a workout!!! Have fun friends!

Lower Body Exercises

Post date: August 23rd, 2017


I know I know, it has been a century since I have posted!! Life has been crazy as always and consequently I have rarely found time to workout, much less video and post them. If you are like me and have very little time then getting the most out of your workouts is crucial! Exercises that use little to no equipment is just an added bonus:) This is why I like to focus on exercises that involve the core or multiple muscle groups while targeting a specific region like lower body or upper body! Here are a few of my favorites that target your lower body region! 

  • 1. Plank with hip abduction- This one is great for targeting the gluteus medius while using core control as well. Start in a forward plank position with a resistance band around your ankles. With control, lateral abduct(move away from the midline of the body) one leg and then bring back to starting position. It is very important to stabilize your trunk during this exercise and not dump all of your weight into one side. Try 10-15 reps on one side and repeat on the other for 2-3 sets. 2.FWD/BKWD lunge on box
  • 2.“Holy glutes and quads” is what they should call this one!!! Using a step or box, start with one foot on top. Keep that foot in place & drop into a backward lunge, as you press up take the working leg over the step into a forward lunge. Complete 15 reps on one leg then repeat on the other. 2-3 sets.
  • 3. Alternating leg box jumps- Great exercise for those wanting to work on power! Using a step or box step up with one foot and jump off of the step landing with the opposite foot on top. Repeat for 20 reps. 2-3 sets.
  • 4. Jumping lunge to glute kicks-Starting in a lunge position, jump up and switch legs so that the opposite leg is in front. Continue for 5 jumps then lift back leg into glute kicks for 5 reps. Repeat!
  • 5. Bosu squat to row- Standing on a bosu ball or balance disc(legs hip width apart and feet straight ahead) with resistance bands in hand, drop down into squat position then return to standing and row. Repeat for 20 reps for 2-3 sets.

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