Beginner Scorpion Stretch | Technique Tuesday Tip

Scorpion pose has become increasingly popular in the dance world and many dancers are lacking the flexibility to perform this skill safely and correctly. Today’s tip is a simple stretch that will help you to gain the flexibility needed in your Upper, Mid, and Lower back as well as your hips and shoulders. Most dancers assume that back flexibility is the only thing needed to perform a straight scorpion. Which causes them to put all of the strain on their lower backs and making them more prone to injury.

The stretch featured in today’s post is great for beginners or those with limited range of motion and will help you move closer towards your goal.

Start in a cobra position with hips pressing towards the floor, spine lengthened, and legs engaged. Slowly lift your right arm and bend your left knee until the foot is touching your forehead and you can grab the foot. Then repeat on the other side. If you are not ready to lift your arm off of the floor you can also perform this exercise without the grab and just work on bringing the feet to your head.

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