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  • Handstands are a great way to build strength and increase balance. However, if done incorrectly this can cause unnecessary stress on your joints and lower back. In this post, we will discover just a few basic do's and don'ts to

  • Squat Alignment is crucial!! Especially if you have had knee or back injuries in the past or don’t want to have them in the future. Which should be all of us. #amiright Now, don’t just take my word for these suggestions! These

  • A little Side Plank advice for ya today! If you are like me and ate 12 pieces of King Cake for Mardi Gras, you may be living in this pose a little more than usual. Below I have listed the muscles

  • Forward lunges are great for working the lower body and can be done with added weight or simply using the bodyweight. However, if done incorrectly they can cause many back, knee, and ankle issues. To avoid injuries, always make sure to

  • Sunbird pose has many benefits when done correctly. It helps strengthen the posterior chain muscles as well as the core. Try implementing these corrections for an even more successful workout seshhh!