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As dancers, we tend to work our turnout 90% of the time which causes us to lose strength, flexibility, and stability when working in a parallel position. Try this exercise to help gain that strength and work on your balance while remaining in a parallel position with square hips. Start by standing with your left foot centered on the half-disc and your right leg in parallel passé. Slowly extend your right leg in front of you then return to passé and extend into arabesque while keeping hips as

Try this exercise to help strengthen your glutes while stretching out the hip flexors so that you can achieve your greatest ROM in hip extension. Start by laying on your stomach in the sphinx position, keeping your chest lifted and spine long. Then kick your left leg into arabesque. Only kick as high as you can while keeping your hips on the ground and legs straight. Kick 10x with a straight leg then kick 10x with attitude. When performing attitude kicks, make sure you are getting your

Do you have trouble fully straightening your legs when performing your leaps, leg extensions, and other dance skills? Or do you find that even when your legs are fully extended you still don't have the flexibility to get that nice straight line through the back of your leg? If so, today's #techniquetuesdaytip can help! There are many reasons why you may be having trouble in this area, but 2 common reasons are; lack of strength in the quadriceps(prime movers in knee extension) and lack of flexibility through

Using a wall to practice your handstands is a great asset but can also create bad habits if not performed correctly. Today's tip will help you with getting into your straight handstand as well as learning to keep your balance without the wall. Start by placing your fingertips 1-2 inches away from the wall with hands no wider than shoulder-width apart. Kick into your handstand with your vision on the opposing wall. (if performing a straight handstand, for curved handstand your eyes will stay on your fingers) You

Having trouble with keeping your working leg turned out when performing A La Seconde turns? Do you tend to lift your hip and internally rotate your femur until reaching 2nd position? Try this exercise to strengthen the muscles needed to lift and rotate the femur as you move in and out of 2nd position. Start by placing 2-3 blocks about 6 inches apart on a raised surface(slightly lower than hip level) with the back block in line with your natural turnout. Lift your working leg over the

My pup just had to be a part of the mix for today's video and he's too adorable to leave out so here it is🤗 Today’s #techniquetuesday tip focuses on the muscles used in external rotation of the hip aka femur external rotation. Which is very important for dancers to properly perform the many skills requiring turnout. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs in a piked position and a long and lifted spine.(you can sit with your back against the wall for support

Posterior chain(muscle groups on the back of your body) strength is very important for dancers and acro dancers. Which is why we dedicated today's tip to just that. This exercise is geared towards activating the entire posterior chain and helping your dancers to achieve desired skills safely. Start by lying on your stomach with your arms over the head then engage and lengthen through your entire body and lift your chest off of the floor as high as you can while maintaining arms next to your ears.

Do you or your dancers ever have trouble with rounding in your lower back rather than keeping the spine long and lengthened when in straddle? Or do you find yourself bending in the knees or rotating then inwards to compensate? Today's exercise is focused on building the strength and stabilization throughout your spine and hips to help with just that while also giving those legs a good stretch. Starting in a seated straddle position on the floor with knees pointing up. Place a ring between both hands

Scorpion pose has become increasingly popular in the dance world and many dancers are lacking the flexibility to perform this skill safely and correctly. Today's tip is a simple stretch that will help you to gain the flexibility needed in your Upper, Mid, and Lower back as well as your hips and shoulders. Most dancers assume that back flexibility is the only thing needed to perform a straight scorpion. Which causes them to put all of the strain on their lower backs and making them more prone

Flexibility and Strength of your back, hips, and chest muscles are crucial for dancers! Especially when performing the advanced skills you see these days. Todays Technique Tuesday tip is an exercise to help work on the flexibility of the back, chest and hips muscles while building the strength in the spine and other stabilizers to support this flexibility. Start on your knees(hip-width apart) and arms overhead with hand together. Try to keep your arms behind your ears for the duration of this exercise. Slowly press your hips forward