Strength Training

Using a wall to practice your handstands is a great asset but can also create bad habits if not performed correctly. Today's tip will help you with getting into your straight handstand as well as learning to keep your balance without the wall. Start by placing your fingertips 1-2 inches away from the wall with hands no wider than shoulder-width apart. Kick into your handstand with your vision on the opposing wall. (if performing a straight handstand, for curved handstand your eyes will stay on your fingers) You

Posterior chain(muscle groups on the back of your body) strength is very important for dancers and acro dancers. Which is why we dedicated today's tip to just that. This exercise is geared towards activating the entire posterior chain and helping your dancers to achieve desired skills safely. Start by lying on your stomach with your arms over the head then engage and lengthen through your entire body and lift your chest off of the floor as high as you can while maintaining arms next to your ears.

Originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins.The moment every athlete wants to avoid.POP!A muscle gives at the gym or on the track, leading to weeks of rehab. Sometimes it’s not even a single moment, but rather, countless hours of overuse that leads a muscle to strain or tear.To avoid rehab, athletes need to be thinking about pre-hab. Get ahead of an injury before it happens.Muscle recovery should be part of every training plan (specifically post-workout). But there are multiple strategies athletes can employ that lead to muscle

Many of my clients struggle with fitting gym time into their schedules and often times need a quick routine to do at home. Whether you fit into this category or are just looking for something new to add into your gym routine, we've got some ideas for you! Items needed for the exercises featured in this post: Bosu Half Disc, Medicine Ball, Furniture sliders(or some comfy socks😉). Each of these exercises can still be performed without the equipment mentioned above by making simple modifications or using objects

Many dancers and gymnast have incredible flexibility in their Lumbar Spine, which can be a great asset. However, this can cause instability in the spine and lead to long term injuries if dancers do not strengthen the core and learn how to lengthen the spine without arching. Here, we are going to work on lengthening without arching and learn to engage the appropriate muscles while doing so. Starting in a quadruped position with a foam roller(or other object) on the lower back. Draw in your core and think

Your first question might be, what in the world does proprioceptive mean? Without getting too scientific on you, proprioception basically means "the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body." The more we challenge our proprioception the better we will get at balance and stability which will help avoid injuries in the future. In this post, I've featured 3 Upper Body exercises that challenge your entire body by adding in a proprioceptive element. All while using very minimal equipment. Tricep Extension on a Bosu Ball- Start

That's right! Try these core exercises that dancers use to develop a strong core. Dancers need a strong core to move through many planes of motion with control and ease but that doesn't mean they are the only ones who can benefit from a strong core. Below we will go over some simple and some more advanced core exercises that will help you strengthen your core and get the "ballet abs" of your dreams (wink wink).(USING LITTLE TO NO EQUIPMENT) Mountain Climbers- Start in a plank position and bring

 If you are like me and have very little time then getting the most out of your workouts is crucial! Exercises that use little to no equipment is just an added bonus:) This is why I like to focus on exercises that involve the core or multiple muscle groups while targeting a specific region like lower body or upper body! Here are a few of my favorites that target your lower body region!  1. Plank with hip abduction- This one is great for targeting the gluteus

Looking for innovative core exercises? Ever get bored with your exercise routines?? Try these core exercises to spice it up a bit!  Side 2 side leg lifts on Bosu- Position yourself sitting in the center of the bosu ball and place an object on the floor in front of you. Starting with your feet on one side of the object, lift your legs in a piked position over the object and gently lower on the other side. Repeat:) Single arm mountain climbers with sliders- Using sliders(or socks) under

  There's no denying that we all want an "itty bitty waist and a big round thing in their face", but getting there doesn't have to require big equipment! Try these 3 exercises that can easily be done at home with little equipment needed. Glute kick w/cable- Using either a cable machine or door lock cables as I have in this photo, place your working foot inside the cable band and use wall for support. Starting a flexed knee position then kicking foot back and up until