Finding Your Center | Core Strength & Stability

You’ve heard the term “find your center” probably a million times in your dance classes. Reason being, your center or core being engaged and drawn in, is crucial when performing turns and maneuvering through routines. Today’s #techniquetuesday tip is to help dancers find their center by building up core strength and stability while balancing on one leg.

For this exercise, you can use a foot rocker as I am here, or you can use a half disc to challenge your balance. Start by standing on the foot rocker with supporting foot and lift your working leg into passe(parallel). Once you have found your center you can release the bar and bring arms to 1st position. If this is easy for you to balance, slowly turn out your passe while opening your arms to 2nd then extend the knee until leg is straight. Reverse this process until you are back in starting position. Repeat 10-20 times before performing on the opposite leg.

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