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Grow your glutes for summer!


There’s no denying that we all want an “itty bitty waist and a big round thing in their face”, but getting there doesn’t have to require big equipment! Try these 3 exercises that can easily be done at home with little equipment needed.

  • Glute kick w/cable- Using either a cable machine or door lock cables as I have in this photo, place your working foot inside the cable band and use wall for support. Starting a flexed knee position then kicking foot back and up until knee is straight and glutes are engaged. Be sure to keep your upper body lifted and then repeat.
  • Supine hip raises on bench- Start in a supine(chest facing up) with upper back on a bench and weighted bar resting on your hip crease. Slowly lift hips from the floor into a bridge position then lower back down. Repeat!
  • Side lunge w/ cable- Start in a standing position with cable band around outside ankle. Laterally lift outside leg wider than shoulder width and control into a side lunge. Making sure ankle, knee, and hip are stacked. Then return to starting position using controlled movement. Repeat and feel the gluteus medius burn:)!