handstand alignment

Handstand Alignment

Handstands are a great way to build strength and increase balance. However, if done incorrectly this can cause unnecessary stress on your joints and lower back. In this post, we will discover just a few basic do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when performing a handstand. Keep in mind you can always use a wall to help with balance until you are ready for a free standing handstand.


  • Arms straight and engaged. Not allowing elbows to lock out.
  • Arms Shoulder width apart. Keeping hands directly in line with shoulders. 
  • Lifting through shoulders. Think of pushing the floor away
  • Ribcage drawing in pulling bellybutton to spine.
  • Straight back with a posterior hip tilt.
  • Legs tight and engaged. Think of pulling in and up through the ceiling.


  • Don’t relax in the arms and bend elbows.
  • Arms wider than shoulder width apart and hands not in lign with shoulders.
  • Arching in back allowing ribcage to open.
  • Core not pulling in and up.

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