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Knee Extension | Back of Knee Flexibility & Quad Strength | Technique Tuesday

Do you have trouble fully straightening your legs when performing your leaps, leg extensions, and other dance skills? Or do you find that even when your legs are fully extended you still don’t have the flexibility to get that nice straight line through the back of your leg? If so, today’s #techniquetuesdaytip can help! There are many reasons why you may be having trouble in this area, but 2 common reasons are; lack of strength in the quadriceps(prime movers in knee extension) and lack of flexibility through the back of the legs. Specifically near the knee joint.

I will go over the exercises/stretches that are featured in this video but please keep in mind that you should not be hyperextending or locking out in your weight-bearing knee.

  1. Start by sitting in a straddle position with your arms in 2nd position and spine long and lengthened. Slowly alternate between flex and point through your feet. Be sure to engage your quads so that the backs of your knees are pushing into the floor and heels begin to lift off of the floor. You may not be able to get your heels off just yet and that’s okay! Repeat for 10-15 reps.
  2. Staying in this position with feet flexed. Reach and grab the ball of your R foot and pull towards you. Then repeat with your left foot.
  3. Starting in a seated pike position with feet pointed, engage your quads and think of driving the backs of your knees into the floor and lifting the heels off of the floor. Then relax and repeat for 15 reps.
  4. Staying in the piked position with feet flexed. Slowly reach towards your feet with a straight spine and grab the balls of your feet and pull towards you. Lifting the heels higher off of the floor. Hold for 10-20 seconds at a time.

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