Leg Extension Exercises | Technique Tuesday Tip

Today’s tip is targeted towards strengthening the quadriceps as well as the psoas and other prime mover muscles that are involved in performing a leg extension. Your quads are the prime mover in knee extension. Meaning they are responsible for straightening your leg. The psoas and a few other hip flexors are the prime movers in hip flexion. Which is what happens when we lift our leg in front of us for battements and various leaps. Strengthing these muscles will allow for greater control and strength in your leg extensions, leaps, battements and everything in between.

Seated knee extension w/ ankle weights- Find a seated position on a bench or set of mats with ankle weights on. Start with your feet touching the floor and slowly straighten the knee until feet are in line with the thigh bone. Return to the starting point and repeat 20x.

Seated leg lifts– Starting in the same seated position but with legs fully extended, slowly raise one leg as high as you can without altering form. Slowly lower and raise the other leg. Never bend at the knees. Perform this exercise 10x on each side.

Seated knee extension to leg lift- Now we will just combine the above 2 exercises into one. Starting with your feet on the floor slowly straight both legs until parallel then raise your right leg into a leg lift while the left remains straight. Lower both legs to starting point and then repeat but with the left leg. Perform this 20x


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