Lower Back Strength & Spinal Stabilization in Straddle | Technique Tuesday tip

Do you or your dancers ever have trouble with rounding in your lower back rather than keeping the spine long and lengthened when in straddle? Or do you find yourself bending in the knees or rotating then inwards to compensate? Today’s exercise is focused on building the strength and stabilization throughout your spine and hips to help with just that while also giving those legs a good stretch.

Starting in a seated straddle position on the floor with knees pointing up. Place a ring between both hands with your arms fully extended over your head. Making sure that your arms remain next to your ears the entire time, slowly lower your upper body towards the floor as far as you can go without losing control or form. Then return to starting position. If your knees bend or arms drop then you have gone too far. Try this exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps.

Quick tip: If you have a really wide straddle, try narrowing your legs at first until you have built up the strength to perform in full straddle.

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