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Squat Alignment

Squat Alignment is crucial!! Especially if you have had knee or back injuries in the past or don’t want to have them in the future. Which should be all of us. #amiright

Now, don’t just take my word for these suggestions! These guidelines were conceived from extensive research by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and there are plenty of studies for you to dig into! So the next time someone tells you to “squat in the position that feels normal”, Use that selective hearing ya momma gave you and Do Not Listen!



Here’s why! Majority of the population has muscle imbalances caused by repetitive movements, poor posture and or previous injuries. This means that you will have some muscles that have become shortened and overactive while others have become lengthened and underactive over time. Because our bodies have the tendency to take the path of “least resistance” during functional movement patterns, we will often times end up performing exercises with improper form. Which will put unnecessary strain and tension on our joints and muscles causing unwanted injury if not fixed overtime. Which brings me to the pointers above! These are just a few of the very common form mistakes that are oftentimes due to muscle imbalances, but don’t worry! There are ways to improve your form safely while working to gain neuromuscular efficiency and restoring the length-tension relationship of your skeletal muscles.  One of the most common adjustments needed is for those who turn out their feet. This compensation is normally due to lack of range of motion(ROM) in ankle Dorsiflexion(flexing your foot so that the toes are closer to your knee). If this is you, try performing your squats with your heels on a raised surface such as a weight or any 1-2 inch raised surface. If you are able to perform the squat with correct form using this modification then you will know that the Range of Motion(ROM) in your ankles is what needs work.:)) Now I could talk about this forever, but we don’t want that  lol! So feel free to ask any questions you may have below!