Straight Handstand Alignment & Strength | Technique Tuesday Tip!

Using a wall to practice your handstands is a great asset but can also create bad habits if not performed correctly. Today’s tip will help you with getting into your straight handstand as well as learning to keep your balance without the wall.

Start by placing your fingertips 1-2 inches away from the wall with hands no wider than shoulder-width apart. Kick into your handstand with your vision on the opposing wall. (if performing a straight handstand, for curved handstand your eyes will stay on your fingers) You may bend the leading leg as pictured here to help you land lightly on the wall and find control. Once in handstand, you will straighten your legs and lengthen through your spine as you think of pushing the floor away from you and knitting your ribs together like a corset. Think of drawing in and up through your core! If your hips remain close to the wall then you are more than likely arching in your back so try to pull those hips into a posterior hip tilt, straightening and lengthening through the spine as you slowly take one foot off of the wall at a time to find your balance. If you are unable to balance without feet leaving the wall, you may maintain this posture and hold. Try holding for 20-30 seconds before coming down one foot at a time. The longer you hold, the more strength you will build:)


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