| Answers to commonly asked Questions about TDA and what we offer |

Q: Where is Thea’s Dance Academy located?

A: Our studio is located at 3200 Verot School Road, easily accessible to both Youngsville and Lafayette communities.


Q: What classes are offered at TDA?

A: We offer a variety of classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Acrobatics(tumbling). These Yearly classes run from August-May with a Recital at the end of each year. Our full class schedule can be found at Yearly Classes page.

We also offer Open classes for children and adults. These classes include our Technique/Acrobats classes, a variety of pop-up adult classes, and various workshops throughout the year for kids. More information on our Open Classes can be found on the Open Classes page.



Q: How do I know if my child is ready to join a dance studio?

A: Every child is different and we are a firm believer in finding the perfect fit for each dancer. For this reason, we would like to offer you a FREE trial class before making any commitments! Simply visit our Contact Page here or give us a call at 337-298-3141 to SIGN UP

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Q: What’s included in the monthly tuition fees?

A: For your convenience, we include RECITAL AND COSTUME FEES into our monthly tuition. Tuition costs for unlimited classes at each level are listed below. If you’d like to get pricing for any one specific class listed below, simply contact our office and we’d be happy to get that information to you.

2019-20 Dance Year Classes


Classes Included:

  • Ballet/Tap combo (45m/week)



Classes Included:

  • Ballet/Tap combo (45m/week)
  • Hip-Hop/Acro combo (45m/week)
  • Getting Started Acro (4-6 yr.) (45m/week)



Classes Included:

  • Jazz/Tap combo (1hr-1.15hr/week)
  • Ballet/Contemporary Combo (1hr 15m/week)
  • Hip-Hop (45m/week)
  • Acro/Technique Combo (1hr/week)



Classes Included:

  • Jazz/Tap combo (1.5hr/week)
  • Ballet/Contemporary Combo (2hr/week)
  • Hip-Hop (1hr/week)
  • Acro/Technique Combo (1hr/week)
  • Pre-Pointe (0.5hr/week)

Q: How do the fees change if I sign my child up late?

A: We will work with each parent and adjust the monthly payments as needed. Recital and costume fees from missed months will be added into your Registration fee or they can still be included in your specific monthly payments upon request.


Q: What is the appropriate attire for each class?

A: Any class may require different attire and/or shoes, depending on the style. Requirements specific to each class can be found in our student handbook that you will receive upon Registration.


Q: Is my child required to perform in the recital?

A: All yearly dance classes are required to perform in the recital. However, we do offer Open classes that require no performance commitments! These can be seen on our Open Classes page.


Q: Can I watch my dancer in class?

A: Parents are to wait in the designated waiting area, however, we do have a monthly “open curtain” week. On the 1st week of each month, parents are able to view their students class from the “open curtain” windows in the lobby!


Q: What team opportunities are offered at TDA?

A: “The Company” is an invitation-only traveling competition Dance Team. Students chosen are a part of an advanced group who are committed to an elite level of dance training. An audition will be held at the end of every summer and all members must commit to competing locally and nationally throughout the year. You can view more information on The Company page.


Q: What do I need to know about recital?

A: All recital information will be sent via email. We also have a Recital FAQ page, where most of your questions can be answered. The password can be found in your email from TDA!


Q. Do you offer classes for my boy dancer?

A: Yes! We have an all BOYS Hip-Hop class for our guy dancers who feel more comfortable with a male teacher and ALL male class. However, Boys are welcome to any and all of our regular classes as well!


Q. What age can my little one start dancing?

A: Our yearly classes start at age 2.5(age they must be in August). We also offer a 6 week Mini & Me | Music and Movement class for younger dancers ages 12m-24m. You can find more information on this class via our Open Classes Page.

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