Turnout In A La Seconde Turns | Technique Tuesday Tip

Having trouble with keeping your working leg turned out when performing A La Seconde turns? Do you tend to lift your hip and internally rotate your femur until reaching 2nd position? Try this exercise to strengthen the muscles needed to lift and rotate the femur as you move in and out of 2nd position. Start by placing 2-3 blocks about 6 inches apart on a raised surface(slightly lower than hip level) with the back block in line with your natural turnout. Lift your working leg over the first block and slowly lower between the next block, repeat once more then reverse this action until you are back where you started. Repeat this exercise 10x before switching legs. Even if you don’t have these turns on your opposite leg, be sure to do both sides so that you’re keeping your muscles in balance:) #techniquetuesdaytip #techniquematters

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