Which show is my dancer in?

We will be breaking our Recital into 2 shows. If you have multiple dancers, please know that we did our best to split the shows in a way that puts your dancers in the same show. However, it is not possible for everyone so we chose the option that put the most families together as possible. Doors will open for guests to enter 30 minutes prior to each show!

Show 1: 4 pm

Tiny Tots |A| Angels

Tiny Tots |B| Butterflies

Kinder Boppers |A|

Miraculous Movers |B|

Dynamic Dancers 

Groovy Guys



Show 2: 7 pm

Tots |B| Bubbles

Tots |C| Chicks

Miraculous Movers |A|

Mighty Mini’s |A| & |B|

Groovy Guys



  • Students in the Opening Number will perform in both shows.

  • Groovy Guy's Hip-Hop class will perform in both shows as listed above. We recommend choosing the show that works best for you to invite your family and friends to and then for the other show your dancer will just need to be accompanied by an adult and can leave after they perform.

  • Company Dancers will perform in multiple shows. Details on which dances will perform in each show will be sent to company members closer to the recital date.


What time is the dress rehearsal? 

Dress rehearsals will be on Sunday, May 7th starting at 2 PM at The Sugarcane Festival Auditorium in New Iberia 

Dancers must arrive in full hair, make-up, and costume at least 30 min prior to their show's rehearsal time. This Rehearsal should be as close to the actual performance as possible. DRESS REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY FOR DANCERS TO PERFORM IN RECITAL.


Show 1 Rehearsal - 2:00 PM (ARRIVE 1:30 PM)

Show 2 Rehearsal - 4:00 PM (ARRIVE 3:30 PM)

**Dancers in the opening number will rehearse the opening number in the Dress Rehearsal time slot for Show 2 only. Please make sure your dancer stays for this time slot until released.

**Groovy Guys Hip-Hop will rehearse their dance in the Dress Rehearsal time slot for Show 1 only and do not need to stay for show 2 rehearsal times.

**theCompany dancers will rehearse each dance in the earliest show that it performs. Company members should plan to be there for all rehearsals that their dances are in and once we are done rehearsing all of their dances they will be dismissed.

Dress rehearsal guidelines: Only one person will be allowed to attend dress rehearsal per dancer. No other friends or family will be allowed in dressing rooms or in the audience during dress rehearsal. This Rehearsal should be as close to the actual performance as possible. 

What is the ‘Mandatory Rehearsal Schedule’ the week before recital?

These rehearsals will be at the TDA studio the week of May 8th-12th and dancers will come dressed in their normal dance class attire.

These rehearsals are separate from the "Dress Rehearsal" on Sunday, May 7th, and will be used to correct anything we notice at the dress rehearsal so that the actual show is a clean as possible!

Please reference the schedule below for the schedule of classes during rehearsal week. You will notice that we kept all classes at similar times to their normal class time and have just made slight adjustments.


When & How do I Purchase tickets? 

Recital tickets will be available for purchase starting April 10th at 10 am:


Each dance family will receive 2 complimentary general admission tickets to be used at your discretion. You may purchase additional tickets via the order form which will go Live on April 10th at 10 am.


We will have assigned seating this year and seats will be assigned in the order in which the order forms & payments are received. You will have the option to group your complimentary tickets with your purchased tickets via the order form to ensure that your assigned seats are grouped together.


You must place one bulk ticket order for all of your guests in order to ensure that your assigned seats are grouped together. No exceptions.


VIP tickets will be available for purchase and complimentary tickets may be upgraded upon request.


All tickets(complimentary & purchased) will be included in your dancer's Recital packet that is given out the week of the recital.



Dancers MUST have a ticket to sit in the audience. Otherwise, they must remain in dressing rooms.

With the exception of dancers who are 3 years and younger. These dancers must sit in a lap if they do not have a ticket. 

More details are on our Recital Tickets page.

Dress Code: What are the hair, makeup, and shoe requirements for picture day, dress rehearsal, and recital?   

For a detailed image of Dress Code click here or simply read the guidelines below:

HAIR: *Boys will simply wear their hair pulled away from the face.

Low ballet bun with a middle part. (I have included a photo below, to give you a better idea of how this hairstyle should look.)

​​For this hairstyle, you will need to:

  • Part hair straight down the middle from the forehead to the crown of the head.(point in hair where you typically stop the part when wearing it down)

  • Apply product, such as mousse/hairspray to give it a sleeker look(tip: starting with wet hair helps)

  • Pull back hair into 1 low ponytail in the back of the head

  • Twist the hair in a ponytail and wrap it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.(if your dancer has thick hair you can braid the hair in the ponytail then twist to help the bun stay secure)

MAKEUP:  See the picture above for a good example of makeup as well.

Will be done using any natural colored eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and blush as needed. For the lip color, you will need to purchase the NYX lip cream in color Rome. You can find this at CVS, Walgreens, Target, or even online.

Please remember that lighting will wash out your dancer's face if you do not apply enough makeup. It is always a good idea to apply more than you would typically use.

ALL COSTUMES must be worn with the correct dance shoes (see below).

  • Contemporary - tan half-shoes

  • Ballet - pink ballet shoes [Boys only black]

  • Jazz - tan jazz shoes

  • Tap - tan tap shoes [Boys only black]

  • Hip Hop - ALL black tennis shoes (no other colors showing) Can be ANY brand as long as they are all black

You can purchase these through our online store or via your favorite dance store as long as they meet the color/style requirements:


What stockings does my dancer need?  

The stockings Required for your dancer's costumes are not included and will need to be purchased separately. (Exception of Boys and Acro Only dancers). This year we will be offering 3 different colors for parents to choose which shade best matches their dancer's skin tone. All 3 options are available for purchase via the studio. We will have an order form in the lobby on Costume Pick-Up day. If you have the stockings from last year still you can use those again if you'd prefer.


How will I  know important dates and times coming up as we get closer to the recital? 

For convenience, our primary means of communication is via email and the gomotion app. To ensure you receive all details please make sure you have the app downloaded on your phone and that you turn on notifications and that [email protected] is saved in your contacts. You will receive regular newsletters and important information via email so please ensure you have provided the studio with an up-to-date email address and phone number that is regularly checked. 

In the meantime, you can visit our Important Upcoming dates page!



How do I purchase a Recital T-shirt?

Recital Shirts: Available for orders starting April 1st! details TBA Each student will be receiving a recital shirt in their Recital packet. These will be given out the week of recital along with programs and recital tickets. Your student’s Recital shirt is already paid for, so don’t worry. However, If you or someone in your family would like to purchase an additional Recital shirt, you may do so either in person via our receptionist or by contacting our office. Recital T-shirts will be $30

**Deadline To Purchase - April 17th**

Does my dancer need a ticket to the recital?

All dancers over the age of 3 will need a ticket to sit in the audience. 


Please keep in mind that we are expecting full capacity, everyone taking up a seat will need a ticket. Each dance family will receive 2 tickets to be used how you would like and additional tickets can be purchased. Otherwise, dancers who are in multiple dances typically remain backstage.

Dressing Room Rules: Only one parent/guardian is allowed in the dressing room area per dancer. Younger dancers must have a guardian with them until their classes have been lined up for each routine.


Backstage Rules: NO PARENTS are allowed backstage. Parents will check dancers in with a TDA Faculty member in the dressing rooms 5 numbers prior to their number and will check them out after they have performed.


Does my dancer need to be at the Awards ceremony before their show?

ONLY dancers who will be receiving an award need to be at the Award ceremony. If your dancer will be receiving an award at the recital you will be notified in May via email when we send out the list of all students receiving an award. Simply read through the list and see if your dancer's name is included. We will have a short awards ceremony at the beginning of each show. Your dancers will receive awards only at the show they are in. If they are in multiple shows we will pick the show with the majority of their dancers or family members for them to attend.

REMINDER: Class attendance- Please help us by making sure your child is on time and in attendance to all of his/her classes. This is VITAL in ensuring that all students are ready for the recital and that our performance is a professional one. If your student misses class close to the recital, they may be required to schedule a private lesson to make up missed material.